The Graphic Society Logoanimation

illustration: elke bauer & barbara hoffmann

We believe in good concepts, craft, and love for detail. Together with our clients we try to find a unique visual language that differentiates and represents a brand while communicating a message.
Curiosity and passion are the major driving forces of our work. The absurdities and beautiful coincidences of daily life add the dash of humor that raises a smile on the viewers’ face.

The Graphic Society is a a graphic design and illustration studio in Vienna working in all fields of printed and digital graphic design and illustration, with a strong focus on culinary art. Barbara Hoffmann and Elke Bauer have worked as art directors for Alessandri Design and broadened their design experience by living and working as freelancers in Barcelona, Florence and Dublin.

Together, we work within a network of collaborators from various fields such as web development, text, film, and photography, in order to offer a wide range of services.

Besides our studio we founded and run Young & Smitten, a temporary tattoo label, that illustrates funny, elegant and charming tattoos for young and old. We also organize a format called pop up temporary tattoo studios.

Please do not ask us to work for free unless it is for a really good cause. We have to pay for rent, insurance and food just like you and would appreciate it if you give our work the same amount of respect as you would have for your plumbers’. Cheers!